Watching Anime the healthiest way possible

How to not get fat while watching anime 101:

So it’s a common concern among the people that watch anime or play video games that they will eventually get really far when in reality that is not always the case.

You see to get fat you need to simply eat more than what you burn, that’s the premise right there, so by¬† understanding that you will know how to count your calories and track what you eat, there are many things that will help you do that you can simply google it and you’ll be fine.

Next misconception is that you need to eat only vegetables and stuff like that all the time to be somewhat healthy, this is again wrong because you will end up eating by calories and not by what the food really is.

What to do to burn fat?

Again you can look around and see the calories of each food and you’ll be fine, in fact everything that comes in a box or a bag will say the calories per serving of that meal so you are good to go with that bit.


Next thing would be to simply understand your body, to see what works best and as a gamer you are used to testing and to doing all kinds of things like this so it should be completely fine for you to get onto that.

If you by chance speak spanish (like we do) then I recommend you this very comprehensible guide on how to lose weight here at “como bajar de peso saludablemente “, once you do that then you will be well on your way to reach a more fulfilling and healthier life than anyone else.

fat nerd turned healthy

Trust me that as a gamer or an anime fan you will generally find yourself in the position of concern regarding your health and weight, trust me there is nothing to be concerned about and you will get to your goals immediately.