High Elo Rage compilation

This has to be one of the most hilarious compilations of high ELO rated players raging over and over, it was definitely one of the best ones I’ve ever seen.

It’s actually common for players that are in the high rankings to start acting like apes when it comes to these things, it’s incredible how “passionate” they get within the game and how much they are willing to just go all out and curse everything they can possibly find, even a simple chair.

It’s incredible how angry they can get, not even in real sports they become so mad, and for us it’s the most hilarious thing on earth, definitely worth it!

So without further ado! check it out:

Watching Anime the healthiest way possible

How to not get fat while watching anime 101:

So it’s a common concern among the people that watch anime or play video games that they will eventually get really far when in reality that is not always the case.

You see to get fat you need to simply eat more than what you burn, that’s the premise right there, so by  understanding that you will know how to count your calories and track what you eat, there are many things that will help you do that you can simply google it and you’ll be fine.

Next misconception is that you need to eat only vegetables and stuff like that all the time to be somewhat healthy, this is again wrong because you will end up eating by calories and not by what the food really is.

What to do to burn fat?

Again you can look around and see the calories of each food and you’ll be fine, in fact everything that comes in a box or a bag will say the calories per serving of that meal so you are good to go with that bit.


Next thing would be to simply understand your body, to see what works best and as a gamer you are used to testing and to doing all kinds of things like this so it should be completely fine for you to get onto that.

If you by chance speak spanish (like we do) then I recommend you this very comprehensible guide on how to lose weight here at “como bajar de peso saludablemente “, once you do that then you will be well on your way to reach a more fulfilling and healthier life than anyone else.

fat nerd turned healthy

Trust me that as a gamer or an anime fan you will generally find yourself in the position of concern regarding your health and weight, trust me there is nothing to be concerned about and you will get to your goals immediately.

New LoL Season coming up

Very soon in the end of January you will all get to experience what the new League of Legends season will bring and let me tell you that it will be chaotic as this will definitely break the paradigm given the insane amount of players that will enter the fields with each and every single one of us.

Bigger Elo Hell

This will bring therefore new players to the game which will end up stuck in the bronze ratings and it will be impossible for the rest of the people to climb even higher than what they already are; I mean if getting out of Elo Hell was super hard then you can only imagine what it will be like to do the same thing but with more people trying.

League of Legends will become a torture

And this is very true, you will see this everywhere and you will end up considering quitting; however this is not our solution, you can head over to places like elitist-gaming.com where they will definitely serve you as a hub not only for elo boosting but for league of legends coaching and it will definitely turn your world upside down when it comes to playing this.

You will start playing with far better players and learning and also getting out of elo hell faster than anyone else could do this amazing feat on a daily basis, please don’t hesitate from getting some of their services even smurf accounts as this will definitely change many many things and will make all of you stop hating the game and start actually loving playing it on a daily basis.

While it’s true you will not become a pro at this game you will be up in the 1% or even lower than that up to like 0.5% almost immediately and you will finally get a chance to experience what it’s like to feel like a pro, what it’s like to have people looking up for you and even asking you for advice because they consider you a really good player.

So gear up for the new season in League of Legends and don’t stop grinding!

Gaming to the next level

League of Legends play from an Elo Booster

So, have a set build for champions you use and don’t change it is never something you should do.

Tip: provide the last blow into the subjects and let your weak subjects stop the enemy; you provide the last hit since you keep in mind that if you don’t kill the target you will not get the gold.   get boosted through elo hell and outPracticing the last hit can be boring, but necessary. First you need to learn the mechanics associated with the last hit and then get familiar with each character, remember that each champion will have a different way to get a last hit so keep that in mind all the times.

Learn how to improve your lol rank

You really must have a flexible build that can change depending on the circumstances for EACH game. It is important to analyze each situation before purchasing an item. If it’s hard to know which object is the best in each situation you can invariably consult guides which are honestly everywhere on how to buy items. The guides have a good set of common objects and a summary of items which favor the character with regards to the situation or to simply tell you how to boost your elo in League at elitist gaming right here: http://elitist-gaming.com/elo-boosting-services and stop playing with poor decisions while buying your items, trust me that if you buy the correct items you will get a super high elo as if it was boosted, this  is because the items within league of legends are crucial, the items will determine how you play and what you will do in the next following minutes on how you spend them.

Getting the correct items will determine many things and it will indicate who is good and who is bad due to the fact that you normally want to buy items when you know what is going on and how it will play out in the future.

In some characters, normal attack animation is slower, faster in others, some hurt more than others, and therefore should always be taken into account when calculating when you should attack.

World of Warcraft Arenas are very similar

That is, play RANKED with 4 other random strangers in a Russian roulette where one third of the time you play a troll, no fights lines, nobody would like to go to Support and fucks Jungle Teemo, without considering the afker that will ALWAYS BE THERE so just get an Arena Boost at Elitist-Gaming and stop playing with “not so good people” aka n00bs. Well these guys were some tools that took me from Elo Hell and I’ve tried to not break it.   This might sound cliché, but it’s true. The philosophy is key in League of Legends and World of Warcraft and reflects their player’s performance in ranked matches. Good players have bad philosophy with low elo. It’s a tough truth, but once you figure this you will farm and get tons and tons of elo in every single match you participate in. The best place for a rbg boost and arena carry is definitely Elitist-gaming.com because they are the most reliable of them all; also: Focus on fun and stop raging to get better performance, I’ve been in many experiences where the people I play with literally smash their heads on their keyboards and complain all day every day about every single mistake that they make or that their team-mates make which is annoying as hell given the fact that they think those are mistakes when in reality what happened is that they didn’t know what was really going on in the match (totally not biased opinion right here).  WoW and Rated Battlegrounds World of Warcraft You must be kept cool cool and always try your very best to win however fun is the most important aspect of this, I know you want to perform at your peak but this is not an individual video game, in here you have a team and rely on them all the time.

Second.-Why let others decide for you in the Pick?. In lower leagues BAD people are fairly dumb so they will pick random things that they think will benefit them when in reality it won’t.  So your best bet is to leave them as best then may be play so your chances of winning increase from 25% to perhaps 50%. coaching in league to boost elo Finding the balance between the last hit and harass the enemy is somewhat complicated. But when you master this method will be very useful.

AWARENESS MAP (Map Awareness) Many players die in ganks as they do not take notice into the map and this occurs even when wards blur their vision.


Fifth Commandment. Win your lane!   Professional players say always win your lane and you’ll win the game. Winning your lane gives you a good advantage. It will make you stronger as well as your opponent into the lane in question. You will need to win the lane after all costs, and in case you can’t win lane do everything within reach and not to die or feed.


Thanks for reading this long-ass text.